First class is Free!! Perfect for all levels of Fitness. Call for meet up location.

Sunday Class at 9am at No Limits call for details. (562) 852-8003 or E M A I L


All members will recieve a monthly measurement assessment


These new sessions will be held at our new indoor gym. Our new home will be located at:

3221 Industry Dr.
Signal Hill, Ca. (located just 3 miles from our beach location, near Wine Country)


Class Descriptions

POWER HOUR – is truly a full-body workout. The Power Hour challenges your mind and body from beginning to end. Developing your cardiovascular fitness in a more complete way. Power Hour will improve your upper body strength as much as the lower body. This class is a mix of circuit training, running stairs, elastic resistance bands and upper body conditioning.

ASS CLASS – designed to lift and tone your butt. This power-packed class will tone up those problem areas in no time. A series of running up hills, walking lunges, step-ups and more.

BEACH BODY – get your body into shape so you can show off your washboard abs, killer legs and toned arms. This class will concentrate on your core; with cardiovascular and strength training to build muscle and give you a toned, chiseled look.

TRYDAY – mystery workouts; this will be anywhere from the use ofelastic resistance bands, running hills, stairs, free weights, core work orfield trips to Signal Hill. The outcome is muscle confusion, this is a proven tactic used to improve your exercise results. Just give it a try!

Circuit Weight Training –  Circuit training involves a workout made up of short weight-bearing exercises that use medium weights and many repetitions. Each exercise, followed quickly by another that targets a different muscle group, is executed at a different station, with nine to 12 stations making up a complete circuit. The exerciser avoids having to wait for muscles to rest between sets by changing muscle groups and, as a result, the heart rate remains up throughout the workout.

Other Services are Available:

  • Private and Semi-private weight training
  • Online Training
  • 21 day Jump Start Diet
  • Coaching for Fitness Competitions

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